What is this chart all about and why should it matter to you?


Most people are living in a mirage and don’t appreciate just how important the 6 different types of stress are.


Most people don’t even realise that there are 6 sources of stress, I guess when you think of stress you think of emotional and psychological stress only, am I right?


Well, in fact, there are 5 other types, you see the chart above, They are EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), basically this is radiation from things like mobile phones and wireless signals. Physical stress, temperature stress, nutritional stress and chemical stress.


Its vital you have a system to figure out where these stressors are coming from in yourlife and how harmful they are.

In his excellent book ‘How to Eat Move and Be Healthy’, Paul Chek has a questionnaire you can use to identify how much stress you are getting from each area and what to do to reduce that stress so you can have a great quality of life.


He also has loads of stuff on his blogs and podcasts and you tube video’s that you can learn from.




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