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The incredible Integrity Series is a high-performance machine, in fact its probably one of the very best treadmills out there..

Highlights include a spacious training area, a powerful and quiet 4.0 HP motor, speed settings range from 0.5 to 14 mph (23 kph), and zero-to-15% power incline settings which will add change and variety to your workout.

It’s also comes equipped with a Flex Deck to reduce the impact of training on your joints.

Integrity treadmill consoles are loaded with helpful programming to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Heart rate controlled workouts on this unit are called “Zone Training+”; and they automatically adjust the incline to keep users in the targeted heart rate zone. As well as that the console also has preset programs for 5K and 10K walks or runs, and it lets users program additional goal-based workouts. It also has the Gerkin treadmill protocol and other fitness tests are included too.

Is this the best treadmill deal for your home gym? Here are lists of pros and cons.

What We Like:

Training Guidance: The Certified Used Classic Refresh treadmill can be paired with a choice of LED consoles from the Integrity Series.
Workout programming varies but includes up to 29 diverse workouts and fitness tests that adjust the track’s speed and incline. Trainees can also use the Classic Refresh in manual mode and set session goals for time, distance or calories burned.
Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The Classic Refresh uses wireless pulse monitoring and has heart rate controlled exercise programs.
Entertainment: Each Integrity console has a 30-pin connector that’s compatible with most smartphones, letting users plug in and charge devices while they exercise. For convenience, controls are built into the console. Television can be added too: An optional 17″ HD TV can access 1000 TV channels and also show video from the user’s smartphone.

Power Incline is for the extra challenge & workout variety the treadmill track can incline from 0 to 15%.Some of the many benefits of incline training are faster calorie burn, better muscle definition through extra positive stress on the main leg muscles & less pressure on the knees.

Motor: it has a 4.0 HP continuous duty motor. Enhanced with Magna Drive, it draws less energy than standard motors with the same horsepower. Magna Drive technology also improves motor reliability.

The tread has a igh Speed: With a speed range of 0.5 to 14 mph (23 kph), and the Classic Refresh treadmill exceeds the industry norm and is a brilliant choice for serious runners as well as the home warrior walkers.

Tread Belt: The tread belt, like the rest of this machine, meets commercial standards. Trainees get the comfort of a 20″ wide by 60″ long workout area, this is great even for tall people. As well as that owners get the advantage of a virtually maintenance-free product.

This treadmill rocks, call today before its GONE…