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In this guide you can find every answer you need regarding used gym equipment.

  • How much money you can expect to save buying used gym equipment
  • What pieces of gym equipment to choose for different types of gyms
  • Tips on setting up the perfect gym
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It ranges from 650 SAR for an adjustable bench to 12,499 SAR for a top of the range Life Fitness treadmill with a touchscreen. Our full price list can be found here on our main used gym equipment page.

We often have up to 300 pieces of gym equipment available at any one time, this can vary depending on our recent orders but around 200 to 500 pieces is normal.

The bulk of our equipment is the most popular pieces, things like treadmills, upright bikes, ellipticals and the main strength machines. 

unfortunately, tot usually, used gym equipment wholesalers do not usually sell all the smaller items like bars, Olympic weight plate holders, Olympic weight plates and sit up benches.

We do sometimes have them so its worth asking us. If we don’t have them then used then we can sell them to you new.

We have three preferred courier companies that we like to work with that are great at customer service and have reasonable prices. These couriers and freight forwarders have lots of experience transporting goods to the Kingdom.

It typically takes 2 to 10 days from Dubai to Riyadh for example including customs and border crossing.

We have a large network of gyms in the USA where we buy our equipment from, we don’t work with gyms that have old equipment so that is the first step that ensures the equipment is great.

It doesn’t stop there though, we then inspect it thoroughly before purchasing it through a 3rd party, independent inspector.

Then we ship it using a specialisttransportcompany so it isn’t damaged in transit.

Then once it gets here, we give the machine a full refurbishment. It is fully painted, serviced to extremely high standards, it is also reupholstered if necessary and always re-painted.

Basically you will be getting the very best gym equipment available in the Middle East.

Why Should You Buy Used Gym Equipment For Saudi From us?

When it comes to used gym equipment, you can get amazing equipment that is in brilliant condition or you can get cheap equipment that will need painting, servicing and re-upholstering.

We believe, its better to pay 10-20% more and get amazing equipment that can be used from day 1 in your gym.

We go all the way to ensure your equipment is in great condition, from the suppliers we choose to buy it from, the shipping company we use, the way it is packed in containers to the storage in Saudi and Dubai, its all done with extreme care and attention. 

Then add to that the fact that the founders of the company have been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and spent practically every day in a gym then you have the best partner to work with.

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