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Cybex Eagle Abdominal Crunch + 5% VAT




Starting with exhaustive research in human biomechanics and applying the Cybex heritage in sports medicine, Eagle is the ultimate way to faster fitness results.


Cybex Eagle Abdominal Crunch machine comes with Second Generation Dual Axis Technology, which is a Cybex patented strength training mechanism that provides variety and versatility for the most complete workout. With that technology, you have the option to train in either the machine-defined pattern of motion or the one defined completely by you. It allows your arms to move independently of each other, which delivers the ability to balance the workout when one arm is weaker or injured; either way, it encourages symmetrical strength development and also allows for bilateral reciprocal training.


Top features include:

Adjustable back pad.

The hip pad includes a lumbar curved section.

Curvilinear movement is uniquely designed for safety.

Torso pad provides stabilization and adjusts for user differences.

Patented pelvic stabilization system utilizes an adjustable foot brace.

Condition – Pre-Owned

Brand – Cybex
Item Model Number – ‎Eagle Abdominal Crunch
Manufacturer – Cybex International
Series – ‎Eagle
Fitness Goal – Lose weight, Gain muscle, Improve health
User Type – Unisex/Adult
Drive System – Belt, cable, and drive shafts
Weight Stacks – Fully enclosed
Padding – Yes
Other Technologies – Dual Axis
Weight Stack – ‎ 305 lbs
Item Weight – 671 lbs
Dimensions – 78.00 inches (H) x 58.00 inches (W) x 54.00 inches (L)