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You’d be surprised the time and the care we put into checking, refurbishing, painting and testing our CSLT treadmills that we sell.

In this guide we will run you through the entire process o you know you are buying from the BEST. Don’t worry, you can scan through this article in under 3 minutes.

We always want our Clients to have the very best experience and this is why we go to so much trouble to fully refurbish the Life Fitness treadmills we sell.


Here’s an overview of the process:

Full dismantling

This is necessary to truly clean the machine and add the shine we like to sell our treadmills with, it is also necessary because we do a full check of the running board, the motor and all the bearings.

Life Fitness CLST Treadmill Refurbishment Process UAE

Roller Cleaning

The roller is the part that comes into contact with the muck that gets stuck to the underside of the belt, there is one at the font of the belt and one at the back, through the pressure of the belt and roller mechanism this can get ‘cacked on’. We use a manual scraping process to clean the rollers and this ensures smooth running and walking performance even at high speeds.

Incline motor bearing check

The incline motor bearings are one of the key parts that take the strain on when users either incline or decline their treadmill, its for this reason they get worn out approximately every 5 to 9 years.

Treadmill belt check

Obviously the treadmill belt is one of the key areas of contact, its necessary to fully inspect the treadmill belot for excessive wear and tear both on top and underneath as well as on the seams of the treadmill where it is molded together.

Conversion of the voltage of the treadmill so you don’t have to use an ugly transformer

We configure the mother board of the treadmill, which is the main electronic ‘gate’ to the treadmill so that it can run on 230V power supplies without having to use a bulky and ugly transformer.

This saves you space and adds an extra layer of safety, there is always the risk that someone might plug the treadmill into the wrong side of the transformer which would result in you blowing up your treadmill.

Complete treadmill cleaning

The whole treadmill is deep cleaned, the motor compartment is cleaned from dust and the belt, deck, screen and rails are deep cleaned to remove any dirt and residue.

Super high-quality painting

Our painting is of the very best, long lasting paint quality that produces a brilliant finish, your treadmill will literally sparkle, seriously!

We put 5 layers of pain if you include the primer and this results in a paint that will keep your treadmill looking in tip top condition for years to come.

Re-installation and Testing

We then put your treadmill back together and test each and every function a minimum of three times.

We also leave your treadmill running at 10km/hr and 7% incline for 120 minutes to test its running ability.

Final visual check and inspection

We then go round the whole treadmill checking the 59 areas, everywhere from the arms, the screen, the underside of the treadmill to the screen overlay and everything in between to make sure it is all up to our very high standards.

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    ** Disclaimer: not every treadmill we sell goes through this process

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