If You Could Only One Piece of Gym Equipment in The UAE to Build Muscle What Would it Be? | Gym Equipment Dubai

This is the sixty million Dollar question!

So here’s the answer, a double pulley machine or as they are called these days a multi gym, as I’m old school we’ll refer to them as double pulley machines throughout this article, I#m really getting old dude!!!!

Before you stop reading, let me recommend what I think is the best double pulley machine on the market in the UAE and Middle East in terms of functionality, variability, durability and price.

I will detail my specific top 3 recommendations here soon but let’s talk about why a double pulley machine is the best one piece of gym equipment you could ever buy if you want to stack on muscle and get ripped.

Let’s look at what you can do on a double pulley machine to a very high standard:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders, both mid, rear and front are effectively targeted.
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Forearms
  • Lats
  • Recutus abdominus (six pack)
  • Trapezius
  • Hamstrings

So there is quads and calves left, not bad I would say! The only issue is they don’t come cheap, well they do but the cheap ones also fall apart so what’s the point? If you have space for your own gym or your reading this article because you actually have a commercial gym then you are going to need something that works and is a joy to use, why waste your time, effort and muscle pump on anything less.

It’s really not worth the hassle trying to find a cheap one, I am the founder of Gym Equipment Dubai and I have worked in the front line of health and fitness and been in gyms practically daily for over 19 years, I think that counts for something

Let me go over what else you would need with your double pulley machine to create the perfect gym. Ok, there is lots you could get but if you were on a budget and that’s the end of the story then I would suggest you purchase an Olympic bar and a stand for it and some weight plates as well.

So then you can do a manner of exercises apart from the stuff you can do on the pulley machine and you’re really set for serious growth. PLEASE don’t forget your diet or fail to realise it’s the cornerstone of gaining mass, I’ll say it again because it bears repeating, remember your diet, great quality food, it’s vital to eat every 2 to 3 hours, never leaving it longer than 4 hours between meals and getting at least 1 to 1.5 grams of protein for every pound of body weight. There is lots more to nutrition and training I could go into but I won’t right now, for more info you can visit www.dubai-personal-training.com and www.corporatewellnessdubai.com for some great articles on training and health as being healthy is the foundation for homeostasis (balance) and therefore being in an anabolic (muscle building) sate.

So, ‘I digest’, as Ali G would say, back to the double pulley review.

This is a list based on my exhaustive study, experience and testing in gyms over 19 years in this industry:

It gives me some unique insight, I can see when a machine is broken and which brand it is, I can see how often their cables need replacing, I know what their repair and guarantee policy is, I know how hardwearing they are . I know from my use and my Clients from gyms all around the world which attachment gets the right activation of the muscle and which falls short. Needless to say, I am the expert who is best placed in Dubai and the UAE and the Middle East for that matter to advise you how to spend your hard earned money.


The NUMBER 1 Double Pulley Machine

Double Pulley Machine on the market in the UAE and Middle East, gym Equipment Dubai brings you the G7 Home Gym by Life Fitness

IT’s what we call a double pulley machine, I guess it is the new home gym.

So why is this the daddy of double pulley machines for your home?

In summary – It’s very tough and will last forever, it is very usable and adaptable, you can put a multitude of attachments on it, its very space efficient and you can do a number of muscle groups so you can have a great workout and achieve your health, fitness and physique goals.

I have used this machine millions of times with my Clients and the whole team at Gym Equipment Dubai have used it many times, we really are the experts you should trust on this matter.

What are the negatives, let’s get them out the way, they have replaced the normal hikers loop with a frankly stupid attachment that is only capable of attaching one handle so you can’t put two handles on one side to do a standing pulley row for example.

Apart from that it’s great, you can do pull ups and they are nicely spaced, you can do ab work handing from the bars and you can even get the hand/elbow loops to do lots of hanging leg raises for example.

Then you can put any number of different shaped bars on there to target different heads of the biceps and triceps. You can put foot straps on there to target the glutes or psoas (hip flexor). The weight stack is sensibly weighted and anyone apart from your anabolic assisted gym junkie won’t run out of weights for most exercises.

You can attach a lat pull down/straight bar between the 2 sides to do typical lat pulldowns. The mechanisms are easy to use and don’t need servicing or regular oil applying. The pin system is great and you won’t have to play find the pin in 3 months.

The weight progression is sensible and there is even a possibility to extend the weight stack to add more weight if you need it.

So there you go – what a fantastic bit of kit, it might be worth asking them if you can have the older model with the normal hook/loop system for attachments but apart from that this is a real winner.


Number 2

The Precor 4-Stack (Recommended only for Commercial Facilities OR….. The Biggest & Badest Home Gym ever)

So what gives this the right to the number 2 spot?

Look, it’s more expensive than the Life Fitness double pulley but it has a whole lot more going for it. I wanted to include various pieces in this review because it I have different readership, a mix of home and commercial Clients who want the best gym equipment available over the whole of the Middle East and Dubai, for that matter the whole of the UAE.

If you are a gym owner then it’s important to know Precor have a range of multi gyms ranging from single stations with 4 different machines in one to 6 different double pulley machines. A lot of them are customisable to your home gym/commercial gym facility. If you need help and guidance spec’ing one of these then get in touch straight away.

You’ve got a pull up bar, lat pull down bar that can be used for triceps work and then the typical double pulley machine.

This machines greatest advantage, it has a really wide space between the 2 pulleys, this is perfect when you want to do wide stretch chest fly’s or you want space for 2 users to be able to be unobstructed when doing large movement’s.

Also if you have a longer wall but with limited depth in your gym then this is great as people can do the exercises in between, not out on the gym floor getting in the way of the other users.

Then the machine comes with the Precor standard of practically never breaking down, everything feels great and all the mechanisms are positioned perfectly for maximum intensity On each muscle.


Number 3

The Insight Fitness Double Pulley Machine – The budget, Full Service Offering

Sometimes, there is a need for a piece of gym equipment that doesn’t cost the earth, yes, it’s true! Here it is, the Insight double pulley machine. It’s very versatile, has nearly all the features of the Life Fitness machine and costs 40% less.

I’ve seen these in many gyms and used them in different locations. I would recommend this for the home gym, for hours of commercial use it isn’t the safest bet as reliability might be an issue. Saying that it’s important to consider that by commercial use I mean over 4 hours of use a day over 5 years plus. If you’re using this in a light commercial facility or at home I would honestly say it will be great, especially when you compare it to the other crap on the market, wow, I have seen some poor stuff I really have!

Like any of the machines I’ve listed here, you can use many attachments: V bars, straight bars, pulleys, EZ bars, all to get a different response from the muscle and with the idea of shocking the muscle your working therefore eliciting a breakdown and hormonal response, result (with great nutrition and holistic health) = Muscle Growth.

The price of this machine is fantastic, if it’s going to get scratched and knocked around then don’t expect it to come out looking great, these machines easily turn into a not so sexy machine relatively quickly, but you might like the ‘Real’ gym look.

There is even the option to increase the weight stacks by 50lb each time up to 300lb, that’s approximately 136kg max, that’s a lot of weight for a double pulley machine, can you handle 136kg in each arm standing for a chest fly, I think not Ronnie Coleman.

So there you go, these are the 3 best double pulley machines on the market, don’t trust my word for it, get in touch and I’ll

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